Butterfly Formation


[photo credit: Momastery]

Do you ever get nervous?

Last night our elementary school held the annual Talent Show.

My daughter chose a song from one of her favorite artists to sing. She could have sung several of them off the cuff, she knows them that well.

She sings constantly. Falls asleep to the radio every night. Simply enjoys music. Duets with me in the car. I love hearing her just hum throughout the day, not even realizing she’s doing it.

Her voice sounds angelic to me.

I’m proud of her ( and all the kids ) for signing up for the talent show in the first place.

I’m proud of her for getting up on stage in front of a crowd including her peers, parents, and strangers.

I’m proud of the composure she showed after forgetting the words and realizing she needed to regroup.

Still, this mama’s heart broke for her.

I’m grateful for her friend who encouraged her behind the scenes right when she came off stage and her composure faded.

I’m grateful for my mom and sister praying for her after I quickly texted them with the request.

I’m grateful for her former teacher, who was hosting the show, allowing her a second chance a few acts later.

When I talked to her just before she went back out, she smiled with the greatest confidence and said, “I’ve got it, Mom. I know all the words.”

Feeling nervous is a good thing. We’re putting ourselves out to the world to share something meaningful to us. Those emotions show we’re alive.

I heard a quote this past week which came to mind as she walked out to take the microphone the second time.

β€œIt’s all right to have butterflies in your stomach. Just get them to fly in formation.” ― Rob Gilbert

She did it. I’m so proud of her for getting back up on stage and doing what she came to do.

So the next time you get nervous before putting yourself out there, don’t beat yourself up thinking you’re weak or afraid. Nerves can mean you’re completely alive. Go out anyway and steer your butterflies!